In programming jargon, a neckbeard is someone who enjoys working in lower level languages for the sake of being manly. Neckbeards typically favor Unix, VI, and AD&D.
I dunno I don't speak neckbeard
by purly May 28, 2010
A byword used on that best describes a gamer who has become an over excessive greed driven scalper/hoarder who is often known to make a 'living' selling toys and collectables on ebay from their parent's basement.
I've checked every store in the past 300miles for the new Toys R' Us exclusives, but they were all sold out!! Damn neckbearders!! Always jacking the goods forcing me to pay extra!
by GVirus August 23, 2011
The ultimate beard for people who don't want to hide their face with a beard but still love beards. Seen on fierce indie kids, gurus, football stars and sexy naked gorillas. Fucks up cctv face recognition and freaks out pussy haters. Popular a hundred years ago on the likes of inspirational revolutionaries such as Abe Lincoln Che Guevara, Bob Marley and Jesus and coming back now with a vengeance.
Wow sexy gorilla lead me astray with your hairy neckbeard
by hotbazooka April 06, 2010
Kyle Orton's alter ego, backup quarterback for the Chicago Bears
Kyle Orton takes the snaps, but Neckbeard throws the touchdowns.
by Miles Schermerhorn December 17, 2007
A womans vagina worn on your neck while tossing her salad.
That bitch is kinky she made me wear the neck beard.
by L-Town September 04, 2006
a nerdy pedofile asshole, who has a fucking beard on his or her neck. they are not worthy of living.
that neckbeard posesses hair on his/her neck.
by kung fu fighter dinosaur April 11, 2011
The hair on the back of ones neck. Usually connects to back hair. It is unknown as to whether or not the neckbeard is formed from the hair on the back or from the hair on the head. Neckbeards are easily controlled with regular and proper maintenance.
"Man, does that guy ever have a massive neckbeard!"

"I thought that it was a tattoo, but it turned out to be just a neckbeard."

Wes groomed his neckbeard before his big date.
by Sod Face February 09, 2010

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