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To be a retard - act retarded or stupid - yes it is taken from a bus company - this company is located in wakefield and me and my friends (people may contest this) were prob the first people to start using the name nebard back in early 2000.
God you are such a fucking nebard sometimes
by lynsey casey September 15, 2006
13 5
Meaning retard, derives from the name of a 'short bus' company called Nebard's. Calling someone a nebard suggests one rides said buses and is therefore a complete fucking retard (as short buses are the common method of transport to and from school/college for mentally disabled students).
Ben spills milkshake everywhere.
Chris says "you fucking nebard"
by Chris27 July 24, 2005
10 2
A Retard with mongoloid characteristics.
Man: "What a Retard!"
Woman: "Nebard not Retard. Didn't you smell him? You've just insulted a whole race of Retards."
by muh? July 24, 2008
4 3
Another word for nobhead
"Timmy your a stupid nebard"
by john steamy pie March 08, 2007
1 7
A moron.

a friend at college calls me this when i act like an idiot. I can't find a definition anywhere and he wont tell me what it means. I'm convinced he's made it up.
will you shut up, you nebard
by george miller January 22, 2005
1 11