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A growth of facial hair which is intentionally concentrated BELOW the neckline, a portmanteau of Neck and bEARD. Usually very scraggled and harsh-looking until it gets some body.
PersonOne: Dude, I think you spilled some gravel on your chin!
PersonTwo: No man, it's cool, I'm gonna grow the sickest neard you've ever seen.
Women: Can we stroke and fondle that gorgeous mane on your neck?
PersonTwo: Get the rubbers, I'll be back in an hour.
by Kenwizzle Foshizzle February 03, 2006
178 49
Facial hair under your chin to the adams apple or lower, that your buddy likes to call a beard
Hey man check out that dude with a Neard Beard combo
by Theunseeingrooster September 09, 2010
13 6
A neck beard. Facial hair that fails to grow on the cheeks, chin, and upper lip, but grows in abundance on the neck. Oh so sexy during make outs and philosophical discussions.
Ooooh look at that neard. There's all over that sexy neck.
by trekdude31415 January 04, 2011
9 7
A nerd who is too close to you.
Guy1: Hey, what's with that guy?

Guy2: Him? He's just a neard.
by Master Red November 07, 2007
6 115