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Natural Born Killers. Unbelieveably underated Oliver Stone flick (writing credits to Quentin Tarantino) about two serial killers and how the media will go so low as to glorify their atrocities in the hopes of making a quick buck. Came out of the magical year of 1994 with such classics as The Shawshank Redemption and Forrest Gump (and Pulp Fiction?). Recently made Entertainment Weekly's 25 most controversial films of all time, reeling in the #8 spot, likely due to the incredibly graphic nature of violence depicted (for its time) and the murder trials soon thereafter in which the murderers claimed they were emulating the main characters from NBK.
Never watch NBK while tripping.
by captain phoenix June 26, 2006
Eric harris' and Dylan Klebolds's nickname for the columbine massacre. Taken from the movie Natural Born Killers
"Motherfuckin' NBK Reb!"
by Stephen E May 07, 2007
Acronym for "Never been kissed".
Person 1: So, who was the last person you kissed?

Person 2: NBK :(
by CaptainSquirrelPajamas June 23, 2011
usually a male; a person who has never been kissed; a virgin who denies it; a person who always gets lead on by girls; the "just a friend" type; a person who lies about getting with girls
Dan: Eh man, Saul told me he had sex with Katy last night.

Yosh: Wtf? Katy told me Saul tried so hard to get at her. She also said he was a virgin.

Dan: Fuh! That sucka is NBK!
by Pinche Dreamer February 11, 2009
A pervert who will bother and harrass female players who play online games.
If ever spoken to by one he will take it as a friendly invitation to friendship even if the woman tells him to get lost.
<Alyena> aw don't go all nbk- on me :/
by pumafiskdrage January 22, 2007
The realest crew on this whole goddamn planet.
"ass yo u heard christian fucked wit nbk"
"oh shit man you know he dead"
by nick cerverizzo March 21, 2004
one of the hardest,notorious, dangerous, blood thristy gangs in the world consisting of three main memebers Nick ceverizzo, Bigg-D, Keith murray
yo you hear that motha fucka will fucked wit da nbk?
oo shit you know his ass is dead
by keith murray March 22, 2004
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