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Due to the fact that the navy officer didn't do anything today makes him a nazy :)
by hanuh May 17, 2010
8 8
1.Smoothe motherf*cker
2.Nice; Getting nice
3.A fine ass honey

(pl. nayzeez)
Damn, that's a tight jacket. Do you feel nazy?

I'm 'bout to get nazy with that nazy

Freak, you want to go hook up some nayzeez?
by The Professor July 31, 2003
37 25
Combination of Netflix and Lazy. Being so lazy you physically cannot do anything besides watch Netflix
I've been sitting at home all week watching One Tree Hill, I've reached a new level of nazy.
by Nazy creator February 04, 2014
2 0
A modern National Socialist who is considerate of all races, creeds and religious viewpoints as long as civility is maintained.
"Those Nazy's love to dance, and their birds are really sweet digs for conversation."
by KIA - Underground Authority November 10, 2007
18 33
Nazy's are politicaly perturbated persons. Their ideas are screwed up and they shouldnt even come out of their mother's vaginas. Hopefully Nazisme is dead but its successor (aka communism) is still snooping around in the round abouts of Russia...
Nazys sucks. I dont truly know why but it really does. A message for yall Nazies out there, screw you.
by Zee Dogg May 27, 2007
9 47