The term, coined by a member of the indie electroacoustic band Nazcar Nation, is used to describe things that are badass, radical, gnarly, or awesome!

Adding a musical element to a song to make it more amped or hyped up.

Putting the infamous Nazcar Nation touch on something.

Also refers to the bands "swagger" / swooning abilities.
That girls micro bikini is Naz!

I would sure like to get my hands on one of those Naz cupcake t-shirts! (chocolate cupcake of course)

That song is good but it needs some Naz.

Put some Naz on it.
by Juniper_Heathen June 05, 2009
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* gorgeous/ hot
* smart
* spontenous/ carfree/ outgoing
* x-tremely rich
wow! what a bombshell! her name must be naz!
by laura December 15, 2004
A cute person with beautiful eyes. Attracts men wherever she goes.
(A) Naomi
by Philip (PlasticMonkey) June 10, 2004
gorgeous girl. rare in beauty and personality. easy to fall in love with and want to hold onto forever.
Epic Nazzyness
by KXN4E July 26, 2009
Someone who could kick Chuck Norris's ass.
Yo, that Naz just kicked Chuck Norris's ass!!
by Courtney Kline April 19, 2006
Anything cool or awesome....This word must have a capital Z.
That game on TV last night was naZ son!
by Donnie April 15, 2004
(n.) a gangster person; the most gangster person in the world.

(adj.) being mad gangster; mad G; very gangster; totally G
(n.) dude ur not a naz, so don't try.
(n. and adj.)nazia is maddd naz yo!

(adj.) damn G thats naz as hell!

by mgangster March 07, 2007

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