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Naybe. It's like maybe but more negative. 70% yes 30% no
Darren:'re a straight guy right?
Smurf: Naybe
by G fucking sucks December 29, 2005
A negative maybe, or a maybe that is not likely to happen.
Erin: "John called me up and asked me out on Saturday."
Lisa: "What did you say?"
Erin: "I told him naybe because I am only going out with him if I have absolutely nothing else to do."
by SlickRicky October 30, 2009
Maybe yes and no
Do you want ice cream.
by PerCraPid February 18, 2015
half hearted fence sitting position that is likely to come down on the negtive side but wont commit just yet
Are y'going to the party tonight?
Naybe if I really feel good.
by mike Spector September 18, 2007
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