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Having anal sex rather than risking pregnancy by having sex the traditional way. This allows for (though isn't advised) unprotected sex without the need to pull out.

However, there have been rare cases where seminal fluid has found its way into the vagina and pregnancy has occurred, so be careful.
"Dude, I totally hooked up with that chick from the club last night, but when we got back to my place I realized I was out of rubbers!"

"Dude, weak! What did you do, Get head instead?"

"Nah, bro, we used nature's condom."

by HobbesTuna November 26, 2007

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another word for ones ass
Person 1: We were having sex then she bounced up and got on all fours.

Person 2: You mean...

Person 1: Yes sir. She wanted she wanted it in her ass.

Person 2: Well it is natures condom.
by ATHF Romulox June 22, 2010