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One of the most nicest person that you can ever meet. Not a very social girl but fun to be around with. Doesn't like to take chances but likes to see what happens in the future. Doesn't forget about the past that easy specially when it comes to love. Has the most beautiful smile you would ever see. It wouldn't be surprising for someone to like her from the first time they hang out. Likes the internet, text, and music. Not a very outgoing person but surely likes to get to know people.
She loves her pets.
nathaly: listen to this song you're gonna like it

boy: ayye ! i like that song where did you find it at?

nathaly: youtube (:
by G.J.C July 20, 2011
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She is one of the most amazing people you will ever meet in your entire life. She is sweet, loving, and cares about you the way no other person can. She's also one of the most down to earth people you will ever meet. She can be serious but has a childish side. Once you unleash her inner child, you will realize how cute she is. She's pretty much perfect in any way. She can make you feel like one of the most important people on the earth. She's smart and stays determined to whatever she puts her mind to. She's one of those people that you can talk about anything too and she will be there to listen. She always asks about your day and keeps people in thought. Mostly importantly she is herself. She is really pretty and has long hair. You can get lost in her eyes forever, yet you won't ever get tired of looking at them. Her smile will always be beautiful. She is great company and knows how to make someone laugh. She is just Nathaly, that's all that really matters. A one of a kind girl.
OMG I can't believe a Nathaly is taking part in my life. <3
by masedigar July 17, 2013

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