That girl all the guys want and all the girls wanna be, She is insanly popular and sexy. She is a sweet heart until you get on her bad side then all hell breakes loose. Don't take her for granted because she is a rare stone and there is only so many of her.
Nathalia is the girl everybody loves.
by ertowipeu November 24, 2011
She is extremely attractive, however she has a unique beauty because her personality and her inner and outer beauty coincides together, and you come to realize that she is absolutely beyond what you see. She tries to be a nice person to everyone, and she always tries to see the positive things in a person. She is a happy and social person…

She is a lovable person, and people become accustomed to her presents and grace. She is a good friend and will always be there for you when you need her. However if you do get on her bad side, she will not longer give you the benefit of a doubt and become a different person to you, cuz she doesn't let people take advantage of her and her generosity. However she will try to be a decent person to you despite the fact that you are on her bad side…
She is truly amazing...she must be a nathalia
by mrrighttttt December 28, 2012
Impossible for you to break her heart because she'll have already broken yours.
Nathalia is such a player.
by nwdfwn November 24, 2011
Nathalia is one of those girl who is way out of everybodys league.
Nathalia, She is too good for you.
by dgsjkldfhe November 24, 2011
A perfect 10/10 body, often accompanied by a musical instrument that she plays like a goddess.
Hey, check out that Nathalia. ALL THE FEELS FOR THAT NATHALIA.
by Krv0215 June 08, 2016
Nathalia is a small country town on the beautiful broken creek approximately 40 km from the great hole of Shepparton, the teens of nathalia spend their saturday nights going to one of the shithole pubs and try to fuck one or two of the local "nathy" sluts which were brought up to fuck any guy with a dick longer then 1 inch, if their aren't any sluts about they head to Richardson street and smoke as much weed as their body can handle and wash it down with a sack of goon with a couple of pills, the ghetto of nathalia which is near the hospital is the place where all the crack and bud is sold, if you go up in one of the locals helicopter you can even see a cloud of smoke coming from the three back streets. Nathalia isn't like any other small country town, if you want to come to nathalia be sure to get on tinder and in under 5 minutes you will be fucking one of the little teenage sluts or if you don't get lucky you could find your self in a brawl with the "nathy boys" which you are sure to bring a gun because you will get stabbed.
Nathalia the crack and bud capital of Victoria
by Liam Evans December 23, 2014
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