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A device to smoke marijuana.

It is related to a steam roller. Instead, it is a plastic bottle, usually a soda or water bottle, with two holes, usually made with a cigarette.

One of the holes is the carb, the other holds the joint or spliff or in some cases a blunt.

The user covers the carb and inhales, then lifts the carb and inhales to receive the marijuana smoke.

Naters can fuck you up, especially when you have a lot of heads to pass it around.
Lambda "Yo, I made a nater for us to smoke out of. Let's get fucked"

Prendergast " Really?... Well.... Really?"
by åstroboy_lambda January 10, 2009
nater: any possible word in the human language.
as a verb - yo you wanna come over saturday and nater?
as a noun - i love wearing my hospital nater cause its so fashionable.
as an adjective - that juice was so nater.
as all of the above - that nater didnt want to nater my natered hands.
by NATERRRRRRRR December 18, 2006
slang for the english name "Nathan"

Rob: Hey, where we headed tonight?

Tina: I don't know about you, but I'm headed to nater's, he's got so much chronic!
by N8 Dizzie December 11, 2007
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