West Coast rapper originally from the group 213. Best known for his melodic singing of catchy hooks and his guest appearances on over 170 tracks from more than 80 different artists. Many of these tracks became #1 hits. Perfected the Ghetto Serenade.
Nate Dogg-
When I had you last night, baby
Before - I blew yo' mind, (blew-blew-blew your mind)
I thought we had a chance, lady
No more - now that I'm sober you ain't that fine
Don't wanna treat you wrong
Don't wanna lead you on
Here baby, hit the bong
while the west coast rolls along
While we - still makin gangsta hits
You'll be - still jockin gangsta dicks
Damn girl you think you slick
Somebody better get this biiitch, this biiiitch
by Lsdeeznuts October 18, 2006
an artist that could be described as a modern day platnium baller.
"Nate Dogg is legit at spitting game"

"Nate Reid aspires to be like Nate Dogg"
by SOX_MAcc2009 August 11, 2009
A popular producer/singer that rappers call up to create bland but catchy music beds to throw thier raps over.
by whodat? April 16, 2003
Remember dat preppy rapper guy who sings the chorus in the Eminem cd? And in Snoop's One? And Dr. Dre's? And with Sticky Fingaz? (etc etc)
Must be a pal of some well butted producer...
A:Well, I guess it's izzle-buddy Nate..
B:Whoah, man, ya got it! Fo shizzle it's him!
A:Er... did he ever record a Cd on his own?
B:Not that i know. Hey dude, it costs too much!
by *KI* [Opium] October 26, 2004
a person who lets you borrow a movie or a cd and almost immediately asks for it back without giving you time to watch it or listen to it.
nate dogg: you wanna borrow this movie?
you: yeah.
20 fucking minutes later
nate dogg: you done with that movie?
you: i haven't even had time to watch it nate dogg!
your buddy: he nate dogg'd you!

james: you ever seen the unforgiven?
rob: no.
james: i'll let you borrow it?
rob: ok...well just don't fuckin nate dogg me ok...give me enough time to fuckin watch it.
james: alright. keep it for the weekend.
by robbase78 March 28, 2012
#1. A rap artist.

#2. Nathan.

#3. Anything you want it to be.

#1. Nate Dogg: "I have no musical talent!"

#2. Me: "Hey, Nate Dog, be a pal and lend me a pencil?"

Nathan: "Get your own pencils, Bridge!"

#3. Carissa: "Can I get my hair dyed?"

Carissa's mom: "what colour?"

Carissa: "NATE DOGG!!!"
by BridgeDogg April 30, 2007

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