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A bald spot on a persons facial or body hair.
A 'N'egative p'ATCH' of hair.
What's with that funky natch on your face?
by Shaz_Mazoo July 20, 2006
(n) a roll on a die that comes up as a natural "1." Usually used in reference to a pencil-and-paper RPG such as Dungeons and Dragons.

(v) To roll a natural 1 on a die.

I totally natched on that one. I almost chopped off my own foot.
by W. M. Seamus July 04, 2006
Shortened version of biz natch, which is a derivative of bitch.
Get outta my bed, and take your stinkin' thong with you, 'natch!
by Jerome April 02, 2005
"The Nature Boy" Ric Flair. 15 time World Heavyweight Champion. Stylin' and Profilin'. Jet-Flyin', Limosine-Ridin' Kiss-stealin', Wheelin'-Dealin' Son of a Gun. Need I say more?
To be the man, you gotta beat the man! WOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!
by Marcus December 31, 2004
Literally, from or of the rump. Originally used as a meatpacking term. Can be used to substitute any form of a negative word.
Dude, I just took Dr. Baumer's test - it was freakin' natch!

Yo goat, wash your stinky ass socks man...they smell super natch.

I boned Ashley last night and her cunt was natch.
by B'jackoff October 15, 2004
n. The NATure CHannel. Also as: Natch, NatCh and (rarely) NATCH. Usually follows a definite article.
Heya chap, were you watching 'When Bears Attack' last night on the natch? Was it not the shizzle?
by UncoolCentral October 20, 2005
A degroatory term for a short, ugly man. Typically used in reference to someone from the southern united states, such as Florida, who can be described as a geek and dweeb. A "natch" will typically be someone who swing dances or lindy-hops, engages in a profession such as engineering and will usually host an uninteresting blog about himself and his numerous inconsequential achievements.
Dude! I don't care about what connection speed your cell phone gets to the internet! Stop being such a natch!
by Le Pepy July 01, 2005