Stands for natural swag.
Look at that fat chick over there trying to flirt with the quarter back, too bad she has no natch !
by IHaveNatch June 09, 2011
shortened for "naturally"
Jon: Are H&M and American Apparel wonderful?
Kayla: Natch
by jl12181 September 11, 2008
A secret society of natch's. the society has very strict rules and and is very selective of their members. The meaning of natch is never spoken and is held only among those who go through natch cycle. A natch is someone who lives by the code of the natch.
Natch is Unspeakable
by the_keeper February 22, 2010
(n) a roll on a die that comes up as a natural "1." Usually used in reference to a pencil-and-paper RPG such as Dungeons and Dragons.

(v) To roll a natural 1 on a die.

I totally natched on that one. I almost chopped off my own foot.
by W. M. Seamus July 04, 2006
Shortened version of bizznatch, a form of beeyotch or bitch.
God, stop being such a natch.
by Krakatoa October 14, 2005
n. One who is a slutty dirty skanky hoe // Natcher: One who steals something
You natchy comff natcher
by Meg January 01, 2005
A shortened version of "biznatch"
Reese: So then Carey slapped her right in front of Tom.
Mariah: Geese, she's such a natch.
by thegreatestshineonearth May 21, 2009

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