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a gangster
that guy is such a nasser
by Nasras February 27, 2009
The best Person on the planet, get that outta here, Tails best c0n3br34d Yanni nicest person :D

Fightercurse best on gunz atm.
Wow Nasser is the biggest boss, get that outta here kidd.
by Best kidd March 29, 2009
a sexy person in NES
Nasser is so hot as the sun in kuwait!!!
by smowe May 30, 2013
An Arabic name meaning, "Victorious".
What's his name?
by ArabianSwagg September 24, 2013
victories and coool ...don't be mess john tess
when i bust a cap in someones ass im happy
by max mikelic November 13, 2003
This word can have multiple definitions, for example:
1) A beautiful being who is above all others, if not physically, then mentally.
2) A sexy person who turns head when walking by.
3) He/she who is classed as a Nasser has to be highly respected and never doubted.
1) person 1: 'Oh my gosh! Look at her, she got an A* in maths! And looks amazing! She's gotta be perfect!'
Person 2: 'Wow! She must be a Nasser!!'
2) person 1: 'Look at that guy walking past! Is he hot or what?'
Person 2: 'Now that's what you call a Nasser!!!'
3) person 1: 'Hey, did u see that guy! He looks like a total dumbo!'
Person 2: 'what are saying dude! Have you heard? He's a Nasser!'
Person 1: 'ermm.... I take it back!'
by Nass786 October 19, 2014
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