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nass ---> a nasty ass bitch
nass ---> " my girlfriend is a nass, her pussy smells like fish."
by fuckingonyourfrontlawn August 08, 2006
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n./adj. something utterly terrible or disgusting; derived from the words nasty and ass.
"OMG, You nass."
"Eww, it smells like nass up in here."
"Gross, that's hella nass.
by kikuye369 April 12, 2005
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Having no ass, usually happens to people by the name of Divya. (May vary)

If you have this condition, doctors prescribe: Lass (Lots of ass)
"Oh em gee, have you seen Divya? She has SUCH a Nass!"
"I know! Nobody would want to gang bang her!"
"Poor child."
by Tayissya December 22, 2008
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An abbreviation used to say a girl one has seen has a "nice ass", which helps guys talk about girls they see without creeping people out.
"Rebecca has N'ass. It isn't too large, but isn't too small; it's just right."
by Orsche December 03, 2009
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Slang way of saying "nice", with a drawl in the voice
Nass rabbit, nass person, nass kim
by Sarm Wattarn November 24, 2006
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Area between the nads and the ass
My kerchief reeks cuz I rubbed it all over my nass.
by Blake November 11, 2002
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nass=NO ASS!!!
wow look at that nass
that is a beautiful nass isn't it franky snitch
by lars hines April 09, 2005
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