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Ritalin is Methylphenidate which is a type of speed.
GUy1: gimme some ritalin... man...
guY2: no they are mine
gUy1: fuck... not even a little... man?
guY2: no, absolutly not you are not getting any of my ritalin.
guy1: fuck... man
by fuckingonyourfrontlawn August 03, 2006
nass ---> a nasty ass bitch
nass ---> " my girlfriend is a nass, her pussy smells like fish."
by fuckingonyourfrontlawn August 08, 2006
a pack of people that are stupid.
emo guy: you stupids!
group of people: shut up you emo fuck
by fuckingonyourfrontlawn August 15, 2006

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