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adj: very cool, something of good value; "dat wuz ill-nashy." syn: cool, ill is wicked nashy.
by Anonymous September 25, 2003
Connecting random unrelated events similar to Russell Crowe as John Nash in the movie A Beautiful Mind.
Dave: I'm trippin out man!!
Nick: Say what?
Dave: A car went by my house and 69 was in the license plate....
Nick: Yeah? So what.
Dave: But 69 means something sexual, as in reproduction, but in 1969 we landed on the Moon, and that was like a rebirth of America and then I started thinking that Shanequa is pregnant and after I pay child support I'll only be eating astronaut ice cream the rest of my life unless I go to my pastor and commit to being a born-again! WHY ME DUDE!?!?!?!?
Nick: Jesus you are acting Nashy.
#paranoid #schizophrenic #skitzo #movies #crazy
by Da Quizzler July 29, 2011
1. Nashy; (adjective) a state of mind induced by excessive consumption of alcohol or similar intoxicants. Characterised by aggressive or lewd behaviour, bawdyness and lowered inhibitions leading to anti-social behaviour.
I was fair nashy last night after that litre of vodka.

Tonights gonna be nashy.
#drunk #loud #messy #nashey #nashed
by wordmeister212 August 19, 2011
A Black nasty and ashy person.
Your black grandmother's nashy foot
#the dave chapelle show #tyrone bigums #ashy larry #crusty lips #dry crusty toes
by Sarah Jacobby December 08, 2007
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