A Person who sucks dick for money and likes cokc in there ass.
on friday night my friend scott goes home and has a fun Nash before he goes to bed
by the kid from the sun May 15, 2009
similar in context to the phrase "Nah mate" meaning "no, thankyou" or simply "no." Quite often accompanied by a gesticulation involving the waving of hands on a horizontal plane, one above the other.
Yo mf lets go see Borat at the pictodrome!
Nash, its bare weak, seen it bare times. N ting.
Brrrap. Innit Check dis.
Nash, when will you get you some ezhucation.
When yo mama leaves the house!!!!!
by Ezra McKenzie November 06, 2006
One's hair or hairstyle.
"He got his nash did, look so fly."
by Gritstza August 23, 2005
1. The New-Nash: The primary author of an American History textbook, and and cult-figure in the hearts and minds of history nerds who read him. Nash has had numerous personality cults begun with himself as the head, although he does not know it. Currently, his followers have begun an all out war against the US government textbook author Janda, whom Nashites hate.
2. The Old-Nash: Old Nash was retired two years ago, and his end brought forth the new cult of Nash. Old Nash was not as loved as New Nash
Damn, I never do my history reading, unless its Nash or Stephen Lee.
Nash pwns Janda
by P-zizzle May 24, 2006
The horizontal bar on a men's bicycle.
I put a pad on my nash to protect my testicles.
by JoeP July 25, 2005
the most gnar skateboards ever made.
check that kids nash.
by Chr1s LooHAN! September 24, 2005
nash is abbreviation for nationality.
hey man, what nash are you?
by Johnny April 10, 2005

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