Nash is another word for a Vagina , pussy ect......
HotShot : U Get Any Nash From She Yet

Bang Boy : Not Yet

Jim Screechy : U She Nash Sooo Fat !!!
by Guru Vain October 24, 2010
a 40 yr old man in a muscle shirt rubbing his belly pretending to be an amazing 19 yr old boy to come take her away...

once he gets her she is dead ah.....
nash: oh hey love how are you (rubbing his belly laughing)

me: im fine dear i cant wait to see you

nash: (thinks to himself) oh yeah dinner time
by mysteria3 June 10, 2009
steve nash, one of the best guards in the NBA. plays for a team that was good before they traded van exel: the MAVS
steve nash got a triple double last night against the kings
by shawn April 11, 2004
Abbr: Neanderthal and sub human.
Applied to people of sub-intelligence.
Don't be such a nash, whats Spurs got to do with football.
by Raj Nunkoo December 19, 2003
A Person who sucks dick for money and likes cokc in there ass.
on friday night my friend scott goes home and has a fun Nash before he goes to bed
by the kid from the sun May 15, 2009
The phrase nash is used when you wanna say hell no or no you stupid Fu.. don't ever ask me that again
Question: Are yopu still a virgin
Answer: Nash
by The beast123 February 18, 2009
A word used by jewish settlers in the republic of Tiwain who wnat to draw attenation to something misplaced in soembody elses living room
and today on the news...tony blair gets raped by a NASH
by dannay September 16, 2006

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