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Typically spelled with a dollar sign in place of the s.

synonym with nice or good but with gangster undertones derrived from Ma$e.

It can also be used to give directions whether it is right or left corresponds directly with the directors writting hand. If they are abidextrous it defaults as right.
This burrito is nase as hell.

Yo, take a nase at this light.
by Aldos September 14, 2007
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The area where the ball-sack meets the base of a man's penis
She worked her way from the tip down to the nase it was awesome.
by TheMAN90 November 07, 2010
a person who does graffiti allover the city
yo that guy nase gets up.
by fgh0112 April 29, 2007
Small, tiny. Not microscopic, but incredibly small. Can also be used when something shrinks, or becomes small suddenly.
"It's a nase world, after all."

"My pants were nased after being in the wash."
by SJHedge September 07, 2008

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