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Takes the place of 'psych' or 'not' at the end of a sentence. Meaning the prior statement is illegitimate or false.
Antonym- Nerf
Definition of Nerf:
Reassuring you that a prior statement is truthful.

"I'm not a bad ass... NARF!" Meaning i am a bad ass.
"I have a small wiener... NARF" Meaning it's huge.


Brett Curran knows what Nerf really means... Nerf
by Matt Hopkins March 04, 2008
Someone who does not know what a narf is.
You were a narf, before you read this definition. But now you can call all your friends narfs, to piss them off.
by Narf Cake May 18, 2007
English slang. Short for don't half.
That rubbish narf stinks!
by Niko.Vali May 04, 2007
Non-sense word that can be used in substitution for a curse word.
"Tony narfed your mother" or "Did you see the narfs on that chick?"
by Joey G. August 23, 2005
yo narf please
by wetback billy September 02, 2008
nigger ass reefer fuck
that nigga ova there hitting the joint is a NARF
by giterdun April 17, 2008
the dangly-down thing between the legs of a kangaroo

that one time when i met joe at the store he was like.


nice narf.
Joe: "dude! your kangaroo has a nice narf"
Me: "dude. i know. its gigantic."
Joe: "i want one."
Me: "you'll get it someday. i can loan you mine if you want it, but you'll have to do a little dance for me"
Joe: "will that be polka or waltz?"
Me: "waltz will do."
*joe starts waltzing*
Me: "joe you're dumber than jason jensen. here's your narf"
by --3993-- July 11, 2006