Takes the place of 'psych' or 'not' at the end of a sentence. Meaning the prior statement is illegitimate or false.
Antonym- Nerf
Definition of Nerf:
Reassuring you that a prior statement is truthful.

"I'm not a bad ass... NARF!" Meaning i am a bad ass.
"I have a small wiener... NARF" Meaning it's huge.


Brett Curran knows what Nerf really means... Nerf
by Matt Hopkins March 04, 2008
Someone who does not know what a narf is.
You were a narf, before you read this definition. But now you can call all your friends narfs, to piss them off.
by Narf Cake May 18, 2007
Non-sense word that can be used in substitution for a curse word.
"Tony narfed your mother" or "Did you see the narfs on that chick?"
by Joey G. August 23, 2005
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