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An African or African American or anyone of African descent who wears that hair natural and has one of the many textures of woolly-like (nappy) hair.
I have since become a 'nappyhead' because I decided to stop relaxing and using chemicals and decided to let my 'nappy' hair shine it's all god-given glory.
by Medusa Negrita April 14, 2004
116 48
a term used to describe someone (typically of African descent) who possesses tighly coiled, very curly hair.

Though often used as a slur, insult, or indicator of self-loathing the term is often used to express an individual's self-love, individuality, uniqueness and beauty.
Yes, I am a nappyhead. Yes, I am beautiful.
by be who you is April 14, 2004
191 86
A member of the Rutgers University women's basketball team.
"Man, there are some nappy headed hos on that team" --Don Imus
by Elvis Newton April 11, 2007
231 150
A black man who desperately needs a haircut because his hair is bad or rough.
Somebody needs to take the clippers to that nappyhead over there!
by Valinda November 01, 2006
72 103
A Sikh: pertaining to the Commonwealth English word for a diaper, "nappy". The turban worn by Sikhs is said to look like a baby's nappy.
"I had this nappy head cabbie today who had no idea where he was going."
by shaggers_jr April 11, 2007
59 112
Bottle of Seagram's gin (for its bumpy glass).
Give me a pint'a Nappyhead and some Kool Filter Kings.
by Helper May 25, 2005
29 83
A person who behaves like a kid!!! Kiddish behaviour!!!
Tom is such a nappy head he starting crying when questioned by the teacher.
by Raman Chugh August 12, 2006
98 328