A Sikh: pertaining to the Commonwealth English word for a diaper, "nappy". The turban worn by Sikhs is said to look like a baby's nappy.
"I had this nappy head cabbie today who had no idea where he was going."
by shaggers_jr April 11, 2007
Top Definition
a term used to describe someone (typically of African descent) who possesses tighly coiled, very curly hair.

Though often used as a slur, insult, or indicator of self-loathing the term is often used to express an individual's self-love, individuality, uniqueness and beauty.
Yes, I am a nappyhead. Yes, I am beautiful.
by be who you is April 14, 2004
An African or African American or anyone of African descent who wears that hair natural and has one of the many textures of woolly-like (nappy) hair.
I have since become a 'nappyhead' because I decided to stop relaxing and using chemicals and decided to let my 'nappy' hair shine it's all god-given glory.
by Medusa Negrita April 14, 2004
A member of the Rutgers University women's basketball team.
"Man, there are some nappy headed hos on that team" --Don Imus
by Elvis Newton April 11, 2007
A black man who desperately needs a haircut because his hair is bad or rough.
Somebody needs to take the clippers to that nappyhead over there!
by Valinda November 01, 2006
Bottle of Seagram's gin (for its bumpy glass).
Give me a pint'a Nappyhead and some Kool Filter Kings.
by Helper May 25, 2005
A person who behaves like a kid!!! Kiddish behaviour!!!
Tom is such a nappy head he starting crying when questioned by the teacher.
by Raman Chugh August 12, 2006
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