1. The act of coaxing a lover into giving you what appears to be a sweet kiss, and then forcing your tongue into their mouth.

2. A forced french kiss.
This chick was trying to give me the cold shoulder so I slipped her the O Leon when she kissed me goodnight.

The shamwow guy tried to napoleon some hooker but she pulled a lorena bobbit on his tongue.

She was into it after she got the ole'eon.
by Som nam bu list January 02, 2012
A delicious pastry
Napoleon almost conquered Europe and all he gets is a pastry.

At least it's good.
1, French military and political leader after the French Revolution, known for his small body and plans for world dominance. Failed at taking over the world once he invaded Russia in 1812.

2, A person, usually a male who suffers from a Napoleon Complex. characterized by short build, usually muscular, not as clever as he thinks he is, but ambitious with his arguing. Napoleons usually set out to prove something to the world to compensate for their small stature and their lack of intelligence. Also, they are the reason most women acquire eating disorders and low self-image.
Definition 1.
Eric: Napoleon really showed how bad ass he could be in the French Revolution.

Stefan: Yeah he was a real moron for invading Mother Russia though.

Defintion 2.
Eric: Stefan, you are becoming a Napoleon.

Stefan: Fuck You Bro, Napoleon is becoming me!

Eric: Napoleon Bonaparte died like 170 years before you were even thought of.
by Shrek & Donkey June 25, 2011
when someone is a real "n00b" or a beginner he can get called a nap-oleon if he´s REALLY n00b (ex.in CS)
guy: look at him he´s such a n00b"
1337 h4x0r: no he´s more like a NAP-OLEON. 0_0
by -Senshi- June 01, 2005
A sex act in which a partner waits for the other to fall asleep, then recreates Napoleon's portrait where his hand is inside his jacket pocket by quickly jamming four fingers into the sleeping partner's vagina or anus. The offending partner then shouts "Avec non!" and withdraws.
"He fell asleep right after, so I hit him with a Napoleon."
by Mortimer L. Bard August 13, 2007
A short person who fancies himself hot shit.
Him with his little moustache and his attitude. What a little Napoleon!
by cornholio October 16, 2003
The sexual act of having a much-loved and well-valued partner (of the same or opposite sex, depending what your desires are) perform fellatio on you while you attempt to conquer a country with a 600, 000 strong army. It is professed that when attempting to anex Russia, one receives a heightened sexual experience.
Man! I was just about to kick those Red motherfuckers' asses but that bitch Josephine went down on me and I took my eye off the prize! It was the shit though! Totally blew into her mouth; she was totally gagging.
by Eric the Red December 16, 2004

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