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Military genius of Corsican origin, who unfortunately went on to lead France, of all places, to military glory- but after starting the first world war (1805, France vs. the world except america who went to war with the british over a matter unrelated to napoleon in 1812) was cast out of france, in defeat. returned in 1815 for the Hundred Days Campaign, ending in Waterloo, when he was once again cast out. this loss was not an allied victory, but a french loss, as they made more mistakes here than the rest of the war combined. Biggest mistake of his carrer was invading russia- 400,000 veteran soldiers sent to freeze to death and leave france unprotected. Thus is france today- Flat Coke- disgusting and worthless, but noce good and full of potential. Since Napoleon, France has been useless; when napoleon was exhiled, they traded their glorious flag of red white and blue, for just white.
Vive la France! o, Napoleon's not there anymore? Long live America! Washington's dead too? DAMN! Britain? DAMN IT ALL!!!
by CTC November 21, 2003
Euphamism for the Yankees' George Steinbrenner, comparing him to Josef Stalin.

See Steinbrenner
How you like that, Stalinbrenner? 86 Years, and the Evil Empire has fallen!
by CTC November 18, 2004
Masturbating, jacking off, touching ones self with ones self
I was laying here packing the pud, when my mother walked in.
by CtC May 29, 2014
Unpleasent to look at, undesirable, unappealing, or unattractive
Shut your unpreposessing face grandma!
by CtC May 29, 2014

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