Slang term for "No", that is used to sound like "grapes", creating "Napes". Of course, this term was created in the valley of grapes, California's Napa Valley.
Napes bro, we can't make it on time to the show.
by schafenfuk October 12, 2007
Short for Naperville.
Let's go dt napes today!
by IdidntScrewUp January 10, 2011
(v.) NAY-PAh. A rape occurring when one is trying to take a nap.
I was trying to take a quick snooze before class but got woke up from getting dipped in the bum. I screamed NAPE NAPE but no one heard...
by thepronaper February 26, 2009
back of neck
by Anonymous May 29, 2003
Abbreviation of "nose rape."
Dude, when you put your finger in my nose, you crossed the line into napetown.
by The Great Gherkin April 29, 2008
To rape a person in the navel or belly-button.
"Dude I just totally naped some girl"

"I'm gonna nape you"
by Chris Pro October 18, 2007
To unload napalm, usually by air strike, onto targets.
VC lunged out of the bush popping AKs from the hip... the platoon was being overrun... the LT had to nape them danger close to save his men....
by Monk of War May 29, 2005

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