A surface piercing through the skin on the back of the neck.
Did you see her nape? She is so hard-core
by SnakeyK December 29, 2007
A worthless individual. An individual that lacks purpose or ambition.
"he lives in his parents house and doesn't have a job--what a nape"

"you're such a bum nape"

"get away from me you dirty nape"

"go find a job worthless nape"
by bo shank nape May 09, 2005
(v.) NAY-PAh. A rape occurring when one is trying to take a nap.
I was trying to take a quick snooze before class but got woke up from getting dipped in the bum. I screamed NAPE NAPE but no one heard...
by thepronaper February 26, 2009
Abbreviation of "nose rape."
Dude, when you put your finger in my nose, you crossed the line into napetown.
by The Great Gherkin April 29, 2008
To rape a person in the navel or belly-button.
"Dude I just totally naped some girl"

"I'm gonna nape you"
by Chris Pro October 18, 2007
A derogatory term used against African Americans, male or female, meaning nigger ape. Comparing a black person (nigger) to a primate.
"Yo, that nape just took colins id."
"Yea man, that nape was fucking huge, he could have easily killed us all."
by joe March 13, 2005
naked ape; some what a hairless guerilla; medium in size, ranging from a small monkey to a average size guerilla. If the nape does have hair it is usually a very slight amount (like peach fuzz) and a brownish redish color. A nape is mainly part of the guerilla family, but is also strangly related to the naked mole rat and the kangaroo.

Warning: If spotted a nape they are very rare and should not be fed things such as the following:
<li>any type of large stick
<li>chicken noodle soup

The naked apes on the other hand do love to consume chicken on a stick and fries or grilled cheese preferable from the kids menue of friendly's

A <b>nape</b> escaped from the zoo and was jumping around like wild scaring all the people.
by mmoo mmoo October 07, 2006

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