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A supernatural creature that can dance and sing. It looks like a banana peel. It is found dancing on breakfast foods such as pancakes, waffles, eggs and toast. Or on a Super Bowl commercials.
Denny's Super Bowl commercial.

"Nannerpuss nannerpuss, my name's nannerpuss, and guess what i love nannerpuss."
by Monty Penguin February 10, 2009
A horrible bacterial infection of the vagina, very much like a yeast infection, except turned up to 11. Simply put, its as if the vagina is oozing crushed bananas.
"Oh rough, you've got the nannerpuss."

"Yeah watch out, she's got the nannerpuss. You don't want to put your dick in that."
by ABackus May 24, 2010
A scene/emo kid that you come across in which you can't determine the gender. So you don't know if they're packin a nanner or a puss.
"Omg! look at that emo kid. I don't see any boobs on that skinny kid.... It's a nannerpuss."
by lunatikchick January 14, 2010
A pilot that flies a small airplane and has no idea how to operate it. He is known to fly into small airports for "Fly-In Pancake Breakfasts". He is a blight upon the aviation community.
"That nannerpuss just ate 4 stacks of flapjacks, then fell asleep while flying his plane!" "Yeah, eating all those pancakes will make you sleepy."
by JE83 January 05, 2010
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