Term used on 4chan.org for people who post using a name instead of simply post as "anonymous" like most others do. Usually used as in insult.
Namedude: I didn't really like that movie.

Anonymous: STFU namefag, that movie was awesome!
by Fien August 23, 2007
A term used by our good friends on 4chan do describe anyone who post using a name other than "Anonymous"

Generally used in arguments.
Bob:"Narutois the best show ever!"

Anonymous: "STFU namefag, Naruto is for kids!"
by Minato A October 03, 2008
a jelly bean with a non distinct flavour or colour
Bill: WTF this jelly bean tastes like everything and nothing!

Lucy: That's a namefag!
by JimmyJimBob October 02, 2009

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