n. A cloyingly mock-virtuous person. Suggestive of effeminacy. The adjective form may not technically be slang.
"That namby-pamby Wilbur just gave his lunch money to Billy again."
by JohnWWells December 07, 2003
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A noun describing a male, can be child or adult, who adores his Mother and who seems to have no desire to cut the apron strings. Although not always overtly homosexual they tend to have feminine mannerisms and interests and are overly sensitive to criticism and the reactions of others to them. In short a total wuss or the worst sort of softy.
Georgie's taking flowers and chocolates to his Mother again; that's the third time this week.
Is she ill?
No, he's always doing that.
Namby-pamby twat!
by Croatalin November 14, 2013

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