Abbreviation for the Najamus Haiderus, a small, fuzzy, off-white rodent common to the north-eastern part of the United States. In the few decades since its discovery, the habits of this unusual creature have astonished the scientific community as it seeks to understand the peculiarities of a species bearing strange resemblances to rabbits and – interestingly enough – ferrets. Thus far, citings of Najamus Haiderus have been limited to high-density locales, usually college campuses which, given the creature’s seeming reliance on caffeinated energy sources and fondness for light and sound, is to be expected. Worth noting is the Haiderus’ routine self-imposed exile in darkness, be it the musty rooms of a library or within the fume-ridden confines of a darkroom, raising doubts as to whether there is also some genealogical link to the lemming. This practice also explains the creature’s extremely pale appearance. Besides its dependence on caffeine, Haiderus is also noted for its penchant for ice cream and (oddly) frozen burritos, all of which serve to explain this creature’s small stature and preferred habitat.
Tired and paler than usual, the small Naj shuffled across the front lawn towards the discarded coffee cup, hoping to find one last drop.
by d December 22, 2004
Top Definition
A term used as an expression which breaks beyond the pinnacle of nice.
Man, that porn was so najs!
by Sili January 24, 2004
A Naj is a person that can bounce back from being emotionally battered and come out on top.
Did you see the way he took that rejection and bounced back to get with all of her friends?" "Yeah, that was so Naj dude!
by Khalifa123 April 20, 2011
Naj is another term for marijuana but can be used in front of adults and other suspicious people

Can also be used to say you were high or are smoking.
Dude did you pick up some naj from the clinic

I am so najjed

I spent all last night najjing my brains out
by 1oftheboyz January 09, 2011
In Hoby, Naj is seen as a hero. A joke. A person with such a spectacularly low IQ, that if he was to act unsupervised, then God help us all.
Put the gun down Naj
by Riley Trippin' August 25, 2006
A way to say nigger right in front of black people, without them knowing.
Man - "Honey, put your purse away."
Woman - "Why dear?"
Man - "Because a Naj is on the prowl."
African American - "What you say cracka?"
Man - "I said Naj."
African American - "O Sorry."
Man - "Got Him."
by Captain Coach December 03, 2007
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