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Nah Nah is a term used when someone is annoying you by being silly and making stupid, and not sensible comments.
When your boyfriend keeps telling you he loves you after 3 days, and won't stop. They are a Nah Nah
by Miss Pink November 23, 2005
A phrase said to show opposition. Usually said by people who are nicknamed "the gooch."
Does vinny get a lot of girls? NAH NAH
by Miraj July 10, 2008
Nana- a FAT pussy
"DAMN, that bitch has a FAT nahnah.
by A JDM FUXKIN HOE September 16, 2009
A Girls private area... Vahina... organ area required for sex.
He touched my Nah-Nah area..
by Lindsay December 12, 2004