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To someone in a highly excited state whether or not they can grasp or comprehend an idea
Yo that car is crazy! Yee Dig?
That girl is hot as hell? Yee Dig?
Yee Dig?
by Miraj June 23, 2008
When a person is owned so badly that they are forced to stay quiet.
When someone is shut out in beer pong the losing team would be told to "sip the bitching"
by Miraj July 10, 2008
A phrase said to show opposition. Usually said by people who are nicknamed "the gooch."
Does vinny get a lot of girls? NAH NAH
by Miraj July 10, 2008
The Arabic defiinition for a little piece of heaven; might be defined as heavily chested, overly caring, sweaty, and oozing a pure sex appeal. When swimming in large bodies of water, the species of 'catfish' might be attracted to the large buttocks often known as "ass pakoras."
"Damn did you see that Jannat over there? What I would give to sculpt those ass pakoras."
by miraj April 04, 2012

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