An individual of an ethnicity other than African American who understands the African American culture to a point where they can comfortably differentiate between "Black culture" and other ethnical cultures. These people are often subjected to massive social backlash by those who have not yet developed a full understanding and appreciation of "Black culture".

Also, a person who has overcome society's default feeling of great sensitivity towards African Americans and looks at the Black community as objectively as they would their own.

Generally used to describe a person of Caucasian ethnicity.

Often confused with whiggers, bigots or even racists.

Also pronounced "Nacka"
1: "Why is John such a racist?"
2: "He's not a racist"
1: "Yeah he is. He said that the #1 killer of young black males in America is other black males. That's such a rash generalization."
2: "No, it's true. He's not a racist, he's just a nacker."
by Thy Conquerer May 31, 2006
Top Definition
A nacker is another word for gypsies/travellers used by the irish.
"look at dem nackers over der!"
"ya bunch of nackers boi"
"De feckin nackers are back!"
by sometin January 13, 2007
A cultured white person, who understands black culture, but maintains white pride. Used by Atlanta area members of a gang called the "Cracker Side Nackers" to refer to each other on the streets.
All my nackers got my back, now what you gonna do?
by Lil Wizard February 27, 2005
Like the English chav only irish
Live in city
Rude,dangerous, poor white trash.
Had to call the cops cause of the nackers in the shop
by brndan April 16, 2006
A member of the irish travelling community ..
GET OUT yea bleedin nacker.
by cr8or April 02, 2003
testicles. Arabic word came back with the Crusaders, used by Chaucer. Arabic word 'naqqaara' mans the huge drums slung either side of a horse. It originally meant v. big testicles. see pills. Not to be confused with knackered meaning 'exhausted' or 'tired'ultimately from a word meaning to re-cycle horses
do chavs shave their nackers? Does the Pope have a balcony?
by klidenengro January 30, 2004
Objects swinging between a males legs. AKA ka-hunas
"gee's they some huge nacker's"
by dripping snatch April 20, 2003
A person that is both white and black.
Yo dequan is such a nacker.
by zboski1 March 14, 2015
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