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(The Asian Persuasion)

Defines anyone who is from the orient, and is I R L33t. The rules for beign a T.A.P are that you must be asian and have the persuasion to pick up ladies.
Cords-Dude, have u noticed drew latley, that fuckin thai is picking up all the ladies.

Nack-Yeh man, he sure does have T.A.P


Nack-The Asian Pursuasion!

Cords- Fuck yeah
by Cordeiro May 14, 2005
Gay Penetration of two men
Drew:Steve Im gonna nack u
Steve: Drew, Nack me all night long
by Cordeiro March 12, 2005
Something that has no real value in this world. Could be used in a variaty of casses, concerning women, men, drugs, prostitutes, people, ect...
That bitch is low commodity, she'll fuck and give u a rimmer for fun.
by Cordeiro March 28, 2005
The idea of or situation pertaining to someone getting fiercely anally raped
man, that drunk girl at the party got sooo nacked by those guys with a screwdriver
by Cordeiro March 12, 2005
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