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Nabeshin is the most hilarious comedy character ever invented. Though nobody knows him, he magically shows up, having a full understanding of the situation, and fixes everything. The deus ex machina of every Excel Saga episode, that's our Nabeshin.

Notes: Can be used as an adjective.
"Yeah, so I went to a college and did a Nabeshin in the locker room, saved the day, nobody got hurt."
by Lance August 19, 2003
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Stylish clothes and one bad-ass attitude, this afro-wearing mofo knows how to get the job done, and fast!
My name's Nabeshin and my afro suits me...
by Pwned February 21, 2004
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A whacky character from excel saga. He married kumi-kumi and became the father of Poemi Watanabe.

Nabeshin looks plenty like Lupin the 3rd.
K-Kun: Now Nabeshin is dead. Now there is no one on this planet to stop this operaton!
by Le Mans June 30, 2005
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The coolest motherfucka on this planet. He wanders the earth, protecting the ones he loves.... sometimes
Nabeshin is ub3r cool, his fro turns me on!
by bob March 26, 2003
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