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Someone who's awesomeness is beyond awesome.
Hey look at that girl. Shes a total nabeela.
by DarthWickemous January 07, 2010
Noun used to describe bush girl from debe(also pronounced Naaa bla*slang*).A Nabeela is a particular creature not easily comprehended as it cannot comprehend itself.It wonders aimlessly readily laughing itself into a frenzy of euphoria.Extremely beautiful yet timid and somewhat "mooxy" one must exercise the most care when courting a Nabeela due to its ferocious mother known as a Rabia and her deadly maternal instincts.Until now no reports of any maulings by a Rabia have occured but scientist and experts say that an attack is likely in the near future.
Rohan- hello nabeela

nabeela- i eat a crispy saheena today .
by sir guptalamore May 12, 2009
arabic name meaning noble, good etc.
an extremely hot,beautiful,gorgeous girl who is veryyy artistic and reellyyy funny.not easily understood by all
Guy: wow was that ur gf?????
Rohan: lol yea i know...isnt she hot.she is such a nabeela.
by beelo April 19, 2009
A very good girl but often lacks the motivation and drive to complete simple tasks. Copies other people ie is a copycatter and always realises that she's bit off more than she can chew.
Nabeela: I should not have started a poke war with such a sexy person, I will lose :(
by pablo786 March 21, 2012
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