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usually describes an amazingly hot, intelligent, caring,kind, shy guy.has the cutest butt and the most amazinggg smile.very loving person.always puts himself last and dedicated to helping others.ultimate soulmate material

also describes the place in lord of the rings where all the frickin hot guys on horses with swords come from.
wow i think i just met my rohan.

Girl 1: that dude is sooo friggin hot!!!
Girl 2: yea he is such a Rohan
by beelo April 19, 2009
arabic name meaning noble, good etc.
an extremely hot,beautiful,gorgeous girl who is veryyy artistic and reellyyy funny.not easily understood by all
Guy: wow was that ur gf?????
Rohan: lol yea i know...isnt she hot.she is such a nabeela.
by beelo April 19, 2009
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