A shorter way of writing neighborhood.
Bed-Stuy is an up-and-coming nabe.
by nybrownstoner August 18, 2005
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Nabes (Na` bes) Nabes is short for Neighbors or second hit off the marijuana/marihuana.
"Yo, brudduh i already called nabes, you can have Wednesdays."
by tRickaliss June 05, 2007
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What you call when you're on the way to light up some ganja in order to get the coveted second hit from your smoking instrument. Similar to calling shotgun. called nabes because you become neighbors with the person starting it up

"god dammit steve

fuck, trips i guess"
by kkd77g January 17, 2009
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.:Playing Scrabble:.
Mark: Nabe isn't a word.
Craig: Yes it is, and you shouldn't talk, you used otic.
by Stickboy January 02, 2005
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Jesus: "Love your nabes as you love yourself, mkay?"
Simon Peter: "What is this nabe you speak of?"
Jesus: "Urbandictonary.com. Look up, fool."
by Desmond Wilder August 16, 2010
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