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Na Corn is a word that can that refers to the nasty table placement in respect to a ping pong table and a ping pong ball during a game of ping pong. what began as nasty corner was shortened to nast, then nah corn. hence nah corn. Its meaning over time has morphed into an interchangable ameoba like word that reigns supreme, a burrito supreme, a chicken supreme, and a cutlass supreme.
your mom was na corn in bed last night

that shot was na corn.

that bowl was na corn.

by na corner February 15, 2007
na corn: referring to the corner of a ping pong table, or anything really. its meaning is interchangable.

backstory: it started as nasty corner, but that was too much too say. so it was switched to nast. but with nast you lost the corner aspect. finally there was "na corn" a word that with a single utterence could bring empires to a crumble.

naaaaaaaaa corn

nAaAaAaAaAaAaA corn

na corn

by na corner February 15, 2007
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