A n00b apprentice. Usually leeching n00bnes from another nubcark to get a ban, like maarlo.
n00blet maarlo

by Gungsta-Pasta August 02, 2003
Top Definition
A person of very young age that attempts to play with much better people because it makes them feel "cool" or "l337". Also has VERY high pitched voice and use their microphone to piss other players off in doing so.
Some dude:God damnit n00blet! Stop screaming in our ears!
A younger version of a n00b. Their age range is about 5-10. Their posts usually consist of kiddie shows, and unnessicary swearing at anyone who disagrees.
Example of a n00blet post- "oMg, powerpfuf grls r fcuking awsme!"
by CryogenChaos July 10, 2005
Similar to a n00b but distinguishable by the extremely small penis.
I used to think that Dragoon was a n00b, until his ex boyfriend told me he was a n00blet.
by #sg June 09, 2004
One who is:
-Horrible at a game, sux.
-Whines when he is killed.
-Screems "HAXHAXHAX" when he is killed multiple times.
-Acts superior to obviously more eliet players.
-Acts like he knows everything.
-Disses everybody he kills cheeply.
-Says and lies about his A/S/L.
-Jozef fragged n00b1 with Akimbo Five-Sevens
Jozef: i 0wnd u n00blet u suxorz s0 h@rd i 0wnd u lolololol!!!!111
by Jozef May 18, 2004
a lesser, and more annoying version of the n00b
did you see that? what a n00blet...
by TheBaby November 11, 2003
A small group of newbies who have begun to follow in the footsteps of the local n00b.
n00blets: spoooomn!!11
by wysiwyg March 27, 2004
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