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To be defeated or bested or to fail, usually in a first-person shooter video game (though it can apply to other situations as well), by a 'n00b' tactic. Also to be bested by a n00b for any reason in any situation.
I got n00bed at spawn by Tardzilla over there.
by DMI October 02, 2003
Being Killed by a n00b or noob while playing a game.
Damn, that Rocket Whore just came out and n00bed me!
by DA GUY April 14, 2004
Being shot from behind after running past a camper without seeing him in an FPS game, typically Counter-Strike.
dude you just got n00bed!!!1!
by CoolQuatre March 03, 2003
When you are killed spectacularly on Halo 2 when your opponent uses the combonation of the hated Plasma Pistol and Battle Rifle. Hated amongst all respectable Halo 2 Online players.
'Dude, quit using the frickin n00b combo...*sound of death*'
'Haha dude, you must suck, you got n00bed*sound of dying*'
by Shizzle T Nizzle March 28, 2006
Being shot with a m203 'noob cannon' in soldier of fortune 2.
"You fucking m203 noob murs , stop n00bing me.
by MuRs June 09, 2003