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It's an acronym... kinda. Only the letters don't stand for anything... So maybe it's not an acronym.
Anyway basically you are the kind of black person that people typically think about. It's unfortunate, because not all are like this. It's the kind that doesn't tip, doesn't respect anything but himself, thinks that the world owes him something that in fact he has not earned.
Isaac just spit in that ignorant n.i.g.g.a.'s food. Last time he was here he bossed everyone around and left $5.
by Outback Villa Park December 11, 2007
16 45
Nigga is a word which evolved from the derogative term "nigger". Tupac best defined the distinction between the two.

NIGGER- a black man with a slavery chain around his neck.

NIGGA- a black man with a gold chain on his neck.
Tupac defined the word
by THE TRUTH December 26, 2003
43224 11173
a word a white person can NEVER say while a black person is present or they will be beat down. but they say it with fellow white people
White person A: yo nigga
White person B: *looks around*
White person A: there none around i checked already
White person B: well in that case, fo shizzle my nizzle niggaaaa.
by xxjustafacexx March 27, 2005
25479 12251
Something I would get my ass kicked for saying.
Me to Black person: What up my nigga!
Black person: You better run whiteboy!
by djwhiteboy August 09, 2005
21846 9269
A word used by blacks to maintain racial seperation and dwell on events over one hundred years ago.
"You ccaint say nigga cuz you aint black you is white and you great great great grandaddy kept my great great great grandaddy as a slave, so you need to give me yo money, dawg.
by Jeff March 10, 2005
16701 8786
A derogatory word used by black people to retain (and exploit) their ancestors past as slaves. Many blacks claim it's a term of endearment (akin to brother, homie, etc), but in no way can it be as its root meaning is ignorance. It's another double standard of racism in our current time.
White guy "what up nigga"
Black guy "nigga?"
White guy "you know what I mean bro"
Black guy "you mean I'm a nigger"
White guy "Nah man, it ain't like that"
Black guy punches the white guy.
Black guy gets arrested for assault and released without charges because the white guy is accused of using racial slurs (that the Black guy uses everyday in his vocabulary with his "brothers" that he has no idea if he's actually related to).
by Sick and Tired October 21, 2005
13463 6510
from one black man to anothor meaning to say; homie, brotha..etc.
"wudup nigga"
by kAuZ October 07, 2003
7939 4327
Slang term for homie, friend, buddy, etc., used primarily by African-Americans but has spread to other races as well;
"'Sup my nigga?" "How's it hanging my nigga?" "Yo, nigga wassup?"
by Jose M. August 08, 2005
6291 3394