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not applicable
(filling out a form...if u dun have one)
email address: n/a
by n/a November 01, 2003
Not available.
I can't believe that when I looked up n/a, it was n/a, since nobody put a definition for it.
by Dottina July 31, 2003
When an answer is unknown or wasn't answered you apply N/A (Not Answered)
Name: James
Age: N/A.
by Lucato August 24, 2008
Naturally Aspirated

refers to a car that does not use a supercharger or turbocharger
WHOA Is dat Supra running n/a ?

Nope Its got twin turbos.
by Skudoo September 11, 2004
by andrea j short December 05, 2008
adj - describes something that is not right, messed up
you can't even lift the bar... n/a
that tight shirt the fat chick is wearing is n/a
by Pluto March 30, 2004

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