Can be used like the word ect. and used mostly at the end of a sentence
Johnny and Joe are junk food fanatics all they eat is pizza,candy,popcorn,chocolate and ect......

Tyreak and Shaniqua aint nothing but junk food fanatics all they eat is pizza,candy,popcorn,and chocolate n' shit.....
by shantiqu6 August 27, 2007
when someone can't think of wot to say at the end of a sentence or if theyre gangsta
a. i need to buy some bread n' shit
b. oh can you buy me some flour n' shit
c. shut tha fuk up n' shit

or if youre gangsta...
a.yo wot up n' shit
b.only one thing n' shit, my shorty shot me yesterday
a.oh fuking shitty fukin shit n' shit
by scarydanny June 06, 2007
And Stuff like that or And something else.
I Love Dicks n' shit.
by Cinderella123 August 08, 2005
A word used at the end of a sentence when the person speaking realizes that no one is listening.
Mann, I'm hungary n' shit.
Call me later n' shit.
by professa October 16, 2006
what a dumbass uses when he doesn't know how to spell the word "and" followed by a "shit"
i brought the girl i luv to the boat n shit
by Julian is a August 24, 2006
Liking something _____ and shit
I love you... n' shit
by Paul lol November 08, 2006

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