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Short for mythomania or mythoman

Mythomania = A compulsion to embroider the truth, engage in exaggeration, or tell lies.

A mytho = a lie, or a lier
Mohamed : "Aw yesterday I was wit Jessica Alba, She wanted to sleep wit me, and i tell her no I have my gurl"
Kareem : "U're A MYTHO"


Sirel : "Yesterday I was wit my boi he told me he luv me"

DalysS : "it's a mytho ! He tell u dat, but I saw him wit J-Lo"
by rubbah October 19, 2006
An art style that is so detailed and badass it is only drawn once by the original artist and each artist afterwords.
That Mythos Zero design was incredible! I wish there was more art though.
by ZeroMidnight March 04, 2011
A drink, Drunk in Copious amounts by Mike Athawes
Paul Says: Who wants a drink?

Mike Says: Mine's A Mythos
by Shanbo July 17, 2006
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