(Mylo) is the name of the Mayor of Munchkinland, from the popular book "The
of Oz"
Mylo had the Munchins greet Dorothy and her dog ToTo today.
#midget #dwarf #little person #manchild #oompa loompa
by icicle April 17, 2006
Top Definition
short for saying "my love"
person 1: "Who are you going to the dance with?"
person 2: "Amanda"
person 1: "whos that?"
person 2: "mylo"

#my love #my lover #milo #mylove #mylooove
by Tommyyy May 16, 2008
Mylo is the essence of mischievousness, naughtiness and idiocy.
can be easily distracted with cookies, cupcakes and otherwise sweet things, or cute animals.
imagine, if you will, Cooro from the manga +Anima, with an IQ equal to 10
Mylo : meez wills kicks you! Oh COOKIES. *distracted*
#mylo #furries #squirrel #milo #stupid
by Nannar May 27, 2013
Short for my load in your eye. To ejaculate all over a womans face, including her eye.
I just myLo'd Mike <jamiesons> sister, and she loved it! I think she's temporarily blind tho.
#danglez sister #sony mylo #cod2 #maneuvers #sex
by myLoriggsz November 04, 2006
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