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1. Exclamtion made when embarrassed
2. When someone is not in the mood to express themself any further

Similar relevance to meh
1. Guy: You look so hot tonight
Girl *blush*: Mweh
2. Person #1: What are your views on this?
Person #2: Mweh, don't care
by shazzles October 15, 2005
said in a irritated manor, mweh is used when annoyed by another person.
teacher says: "what the fuck you doin...?"
We say: "MWEHH"
by lilly and kadee August 09, 2008
An expression used to define confusion, mostly when one is in despair.
"Mweh? What was that?"
by Meiko-chan April 18, 2003
I don't know it just means what it sounds like.
Hey dude how was your day?
It was mweh.
by Maxman1121 September 04, 2016
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