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MWAH is an onomatopoeiaic word (a word that imitates the sound that it describes) for an affectionate type of kiss.

It is often used when sending a text message or email. Saying it out loud is the best way to understand this definition.
Look forward to seeing you tomorrow, sweetie.
by Ellesapelle January 11, 2012
the paticular sound that a fretless bass guitar makes when played.
This bass has a great mwah sound!
by dearhearts October 09, 2003
The sound of a quick kiss when voice is also used.Also the sound of lips smacking in a kissing motion... MWAH.. especially expressive over distances of 10+ metres...one of the nicest sounds, very flirty!
blowing a kiss to a friend over distance..
by Al January 20, 2004
the sound of a kiss often used in internet chat or on the phone often used in a flirty way.
bye baby see you soon.. mwah!
by caz January 21, 2005
an online kiss (the sound a kiss would make)
bye babe, mwah love ya!
by veggieness April 01, 2005
To make a kissing noise without actually kissing.
I love you but I gotta run. See you later. Mwah
by nina1983 September 20, 2007
1. The sound made when pecking someone on the lips.
2. The word said when kissing someone quickly on either the lips or the cheek, or anywhere else for that matter.
3. Said over online chatrooms, emails, text messages, phonecalls, etc to symbolise a kiss.
1. ::Mwah:: Jonny kissed Jane on the lips.
2. 'Mwah' Jane said as she kissed Jonny.
3. 'Love you, mwah!' Jonny typed in an IM to Jane.
by Izzibella September 15, 2005
A sound or a word for a kiss. Also the beginning of the laugh mwah ha ha ! ! ! ! Usually used on msn.
I love u so much xxxx mwah! xxxx
by -x- Nicci -x- February 22, 2006