the evil laugh, or at least the beginning of it

An easy word to get someone else to shut up
Bob: You know there is this really interesting robotics clinic that I am interested in *Mwah*
Me: Mwah, Now shut up you really bug me

Mwah hahaha hahaha
you are sooo jealous
by Taylor Bind May 23, 2006
General term to describes ones own excitement.
by donn January 19, 2003
A sound said or written in the start of an sentence(most times anyway), to express something related to 'negative' things, or as a no.
Also used as an evil laugh, short for mwahaha.
Person: Hi, wanna go buy some cake?
Other person: Mwah, i'm broke.

Person: *falls down the stairs*
Other person: Mwah! xD
by dendergumledumledino May 08, 2007
The word is ultimately dismissive in that it is usually to be found as a closing salutation and it has a subtle undertone of a dismissive frustration that was never happening and was never meant to be being replaced with a more sustainable ambivanence, and therefore, happiness.
I don't love you and I never have, but I'm really happy to be your friend.

Mwah, me.
by thighman June 19, 2004
the solution to everything.
it works.
jennie: im sarcastic
liz: ouch that hurts
jennie: mwah
liz: okay were friends again :)
by novemberist April 07, 2005
The word boys-in-love use to describe a girl.
The word is mostly used by macho boys.
Do you like that girl?
- Mwah
by Aiko1991 March 27, 2008
Just something really annoying that little 13-year-old girls like to say when they talk about all of their cool friends in their profiles. It's so cool to do, why not say MWAH? Oh yeah, it's not cool. Be quiet, idiots.
i luv u kirstin hahahah waffles are chasing me hahahahaha omg mwah
by ManInTheBox January 21, 2005
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